2019 Year End High Point Guidelines

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Year End High Point Awards

1. Points areaccumulated by horses owned or legally leased by a TSASA member, effective with the date of membership.  In Equitation classes, points are earned by the rider who is a TSASA member.

2. Points are earned by placing First (1st) through Sixth (6th) in classes pointed by the Association at affiliated shows.

3. Points for Versatility Awards are earned by Saddlebred horses placing First (1st) through Sixth (6th) in classes open to all breeds (e.g., Junior Exhibitor Hack, NEHC Pleasure classes, Open Driving classes, etc.)

4. Restricted classes are not pointed (e.g., Junior Horse, Novice Rider, NHS Good Hands, Shatner classes, NEHC Medal, etc.)

5. If a horse is sold during the show season, accumulated points are transferred to the new owner (if a member).

6. Year-end Awards are made only to horses or riders that have been judged and placed in a class at two (2) or more affiliated shows.

Points are awarded as follows: